Ministry of Commerce: Positive research and formulation of stable foreign trade toasting new initiatives

Original title: Ministry of Commerce: Positive research and development of steady foreign trade steady foreign investment initiatives People Beijing July 2, electricity (Kid Chichu) At the Ministry of Commerce held, the Ministry of Commerce spokesperson peak said that the Ministry of Commerce is On the basis of pre-surveillance, we are working with relevant departments to develop new initiatives to develop steady foreign trade. Peak introduction, in terms of stable foreign trade, we will continue to surround the employment of the residents, the basic people’s livelihood, the main body of the market, and have issued the implementation of the policy to implement the relevant policies, and increase the relevant policies, and increase the support of the small and medium-sized and labor-intensive foreign trade enterprises. . Mainly to improve the export tax rebate method, speed up tax refund progress; guide financial institutions to strengthen financing support such as credit, warranty, guarantee; strengthen personnel to protect; accelerate new models of foreign trade in cross-border e-commerce; encourage building overseas warehouses, increase Support for the construction of foreign trade service platform.

  In terms of steady foreign capital, we will continue to promote increment, stability, and continue to optimize foreign investment environments, do our investment, peace, and teach. First, speed up the negative list of new version of foreign investment, ensuring that new open measures are in time; the second is to grasp the revision of foreign investment industrial catalogs, further expand the scope of encouragement, so that foreign investment in more fields can enjoy taxes and other related preferential policies; The third is to strengthen key foreign-funded project services, coordinate the problem of solving foreign investment companies and key foreign investment projects; four is the revision of the "Foreign Investment Enterprise Complaint Work Measures", further build marketization, rule of law, internationalization business business environment. (Editor: Yubihui, Deng Nan).

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