Ministry of National Defense: Promote the health and stability of China and the United States

Reporter: On November 16th, President Xi Jinping and the US President Baiz will hold a video meeting, and exchange opinions on the issue of Sino-US relations and both parties concerned, and reached an important consensus.

President Xi pointed out that there is a wide range of common interests in many areas including the two arms, and should be interchangeable, and they will make long-term remedies, and do the "cake" of large and medium-US cooperation.

In this context, what is the relationship between China and the United States? Wu Qian: On November 16, President Xi Jinping held a video meeting with the US President.

This is a major event in Sino-US relations and international relations. It is the head of the two countries to introduce the rudder to Sino-US relations in the crucial moment. In the future, the development of the two militaries in the future, injecting new motivation.

China-US two military relations is an important part of the relations between the two countries, maintaining the health and stability of the two military relations in accordance with the common interests of the two countries, and is also in line with the common expectations of the international community. China attaches importance to the development of two military relations, and willing to maintain cooperation with the US. But for a while, the US said many irresponsible words in Taiwan, South China Sea, and the ship arrived near the reconnaissance, and made a lot of provocative things. We have repeatedly told that China has a principle for the relationship between the development of the two military, that is, the sovereignty, dignity and core interests of the Chinese side cannot be violated. Especially on the Taiwan issue, there is no compromise in the Chinese side, the US should not have any fantasies.

Chairman Xi pointed out that the most important thing in international relations in the next 50 years is that China must find the right way. The Chinese army is willing to work together with the United States to implement the spirit of the heads of the heads of the two countries in the actual actions, insist on mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, cooperation with the principle of win-win, focus on the future, strengthen communication, management and distribution, and carry out two The healthy relationship is healthily and stable forward, and the people of China and the people of China and the people of the world are benefited.

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桑拿 11月9日报道美国经济学家戴维·戈德曼11月6日在香港亚洲时报网站发表文章称,中国2022年经济增速将超预期,从房地产投资向产业投资转型为生产率驱动的更快经济增长奠定基础。 全文摘编如下:中国经济仍在增长,首先是因为消费增长保住了势头,其次是因为强劲的净出口。 投资在中国GDP中所占的比重极高。 有鉴于此,中国三季度在投资持续下滑的背景下还能实现经济增长这一事实表明,该国消费者和出口商颇具韧性。 桑拿 GDP统计中的消费数据与零售报告相符,后者显示消费者三季度已恢复至疫情前消费趋势。 季度数据显示的一个重要的基本趋势是,中国经济在从房地产投资转向制造业投资。 桑拿 从2018年年中至2021年一季度,房地产投资规模超过了制造业投资规模,但制造业投资在2021年间处于领先水平。 中国未来增长的关键在于提高生产率。 桑拿 中国制造业规模现在占到全世界的1/3,工业机器人采购量也占到全世界的1/3。 所谓第四次工业革命技术(即自编程工业机器人、使用自动驾驶汽车的智能城市、智能物流以及其他由人工智能技术驱动的计划)有可能在未来10年给中国带来彻底变革。