Ministry of Commerce: Cross-border e-commerce scale increases nearly 10 times new model to become new kinetic energy

People’s Network Beijing July 12 (Reporter Luo Zhi) The State Council Information Office held a policies of the State Council today, introducing the new model of developing foreign trade in the development of foreign trade. The Minister of Commerce, Ren Hongbin, said in the press conference that cross-border e-commerce scales increased by nearly 10 times, market purchase trade size increased by 5 times, new models have become a new kinetic energy to promote foreign trade transformation and high quality development . Ren Hongbin introduced that innovation is the first driving force to lead the development.

The new model of foreign trade new format is the new development stage of foreign trade, and the innovation practice of implementing the new development concept is the healthy power of my country’s foreign trade development.

It is very good to stimulate foreign trade main vitality, expand foreign trade development space, improve foreign trade efficiency, and stabilize the foreign trade industry chain supply chain to achieve industrial digitalization and trade digitalization.

Accelerate the development of new foreign trade in foreign trade, which is conducive to promoting high quality development of trade, cultivating international economic cooperation and new advantages, and has an important role in building a new development pattern.

In recent years, the Ministry of Commerce has worked together to all parts, all departments, initially construct a policy framework for adapting to new models of foreign trade in foreign trade. The size of cross-border e-commerce has grown nearly 10 times, and the market purchase trade size increased by 5 times. More than 1,500 foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, the number of overseas warehouses is over 1900, and the processing trade bonded maintenance project has been built into approximately 130. The new model of new state has become a new kinetic energy to promote foreign trade transformation and high quality development.

However, there are still some difficulties in development, market entities and localities generally hope to further introduce guidance policies, optimize top design, strengthen coordination, and create an environment and promote development. "Ren Hongbin said. Ren Hongbin said that the Ministry of Commerce is closely around the construction of new development patterns, and 23 units such as the Central News Network Office, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the People’s Bank, the General Administration of Customs, the Taxation Administration, and the foreign exchange bureau have drafted" about Accelerate the new model of developing foreign trade in the new model of foreign trade (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), July 2, "Opinions" Total 25, mainly including overall requirements, ideas, and work security three aspects. First Aspect, overall requirements.

By 2025, the new system and policy system of new model development in my country’s foreign trade, and in 2035, the development level was in the forefront of innovative countries.

Second, ideas. Including: Supporting the use of new technology new tools to empower foreign trade development, perfect cross-border e-commerce development support policies, and cultivate a group of excellent overseas warehouses. Optimize the market procurement trade policy framework, support more market entities to carry out foreign trade, and promote the upgrade of traditional foreign trade transformation. Support for the healthy development of foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, enhance the development level of bonded maintenance business, steadily promote offshore trade development, support foreign trade segment service platform development.

In the third aspect, work guarantee. Including the optimization policy guarantee system, create a good business environment, and do a good job in organizational implementation.

Ren Hongbin introduced that "opinions" have three characteristics, one is to encourage innovation, inclusive caution.

Emphasize the development of the eye to cultivate, and carry out first-line tests, support the innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises. Support for traditional enterprises to use advanced technology to enhance traditional brand value using digital means. Refine trade division, improve professional level, promote business integration, and constantly explore new foreign trade activities and patterns. At the same time, insist on developing norms in the norms. Propose scientific settings "observation period" and "transition period", introduce "sandbox supervision" mode to provide security space for business innovation. Strengthen the supervision of the matter, and treat the development problems with inclusive prudent philosophy.

The second is the problem-oriented, classification. "Opinions" focus on global, focusing on industry pain points and development difficulties, and put forward pragmatic initiatives.

For example, in response to the development of cross-border e-commerce B2B demands, it is proposed to apply corresponding regulatory models in the country. For example, in response to the problem of overseas financing, it is proposed to support comprehensive application of construction – operation – transfer (BOT), structured financing and other various investment methods and various investment methods, and increase the export credit insurance to overseas warehouse. Strength. In response to the problem of the relevant rights of foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, the improvement of the "double penalty" mechanism of the customs is proposed, and the comprehensive service enterprises and their customers are subject to corresponding responsibilities.

At the same time, there is a policies and active policy measures to formulate and actively and effective policies and individualities around cross-border e-commerce, market procurement, foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, bonded maintenance, offshore trade, overseas warehouse.

The third is based on the current and looks long. "Opinions" is based on current, proposes support policies such as fiscal and taxation, finance, payment settlement, and build a good environment around foreign trade order, infrastructure, industry organization, professional talents, international exchange cooperation, etc., to create a good environment, and support new models of foreign trade. At the same time, I’m old-fashioned, integrated with the development of foreign trade development, overtracting the new trend of digitalization, proposing digital intelligent technology applications, and fully release the new model of foreign trade in foreign trade. Some policy measures, such as research to develop cross-border e-commerce intellectual property protection guidelines, explore the construction of overseas logistics intellectual platform, reflect the development direction of new foreign trade in foreign trade.

"Next, the Ministry of Commerce will conscientiously grasp the implementation of" opinions "in relation to local and departments, and actively create a good atmosphere to encourage innovation, vitality, fair competition, and orderly, promote new and new models of foreign trade and new models, and help The foreign trade industry chain supply chain is smooth, promoted the high quality development of trade, and better serves the construction of new development patches that promote the domestic circulation as the main body, domestic international double cycle mutual promotion. "Ren Hongbin said.

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