Ministry of Water Conservancy: By 2022, the country is expected to add more than 4,000 water-saving industries.

People’s Network Beijing August 5 (Wang Renhong) According to the Ministry of Water Resources, in recent years, the Ministry of Water Resources has carried forward the spirit of "cutting edges, self-leather", and the "three steps" promotes water-saving water-saving benchmarks in water conservancy industry, leading to the transformation of all society Use water to promote water resources intensive saving utilization.

According to preliminary statistics, there will be more than 4,000 water-saving industry water-saving units in 2022. In 2019, the Ministry of Water Resources started "saving water strikes", based on in-depth investigation, research and formulate "Construction Standards for Water Conservancy Industry Water Savings Co., Ltd., deploy the water conservancy department, the Ministry of Direct unit, the province (autonomous region, municipality) water conservancy ( Water-based (bureau) The agency has built a water-saving organ and water-saving benchmarking is a key "first step". 43 water conservancy institutions built a water-saving organ, annual water volume of 10,000 cubic meters, water-saving rate reached 29%, and water efficiency reached the local leading level. In 2020, the Ministry of Water Conservancy promoted the construction of water saving organs in depth, and urged provincial water administrative departments to organize land (city) and county-level water conservancy organs. Construction Standards of the Organization, Hardware Software, Classification Guidelines and Guided Water Saving Organs Construction, Water Saving Rod Construction takes an important "second step".

As of the end of the year, there were 1790 land (city), the county-level water conservancy organs built a water-saving machine, the per capita water volume decreased significantly, the workers’ water-saving consciousness was significantly increased, the annual annual water volume of 1.7 million cubic meters, the average water-saving rate is about 31 %, With a significant increase in water efficiency.

In 2021, the Ministry of Water Conservancy continued to deepen the construction of water saving organs in water conservancy industry, deployed, accounting for large-scale local water administrative department belonging to the unit and the unit belongs to the units of water-saving units, water-saving benchmarking Take a solid "third step". At present, the relevant units directly under the Department of Water Resources are organized. The provincial water administrative departments have issued the construction plan for water-saving and water-saving units in the water conservancy industry, and actively promote marketization models such as contract water-saving management in accordance with the principles of local conditions, economic applications. Ensure that the water conservancy industry water-saving unit construction goal is achieved as scheduled. At the same time, in order to play the model surface rate of water conservancy staff, the saving water has become the conscious action and good fashion of water conservancy staff, and the water conservancy department has formulated "water conservancy staff save water behavior (Trial)", in detail, 14 water, etc. The water saving behavior requirements of the link are summated in the form of theme poster. The water conservancy and units of all levels will be integrated into the education and spiritual civilization construction of the party group, strengthen promotional guidance and supervision and management, open water information, exposure waste water behavior, and save water behavior norms can help promote water saving benchmark.

At present, the Ministry of Water Conservancy is organized to track the construction of the third step water-saving benchmark, implemented various water-saving measures, and fully promote the third step construction task, continue to consolidate the results of the first two steps, increase the promotion of water sailors Strength, take the point, take the lead in building a water saving organ and unit in the industry, and give full play to demonstration role.

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