Mao Zedong "a hammer sound": Hui Ninghui Ning, China is! Lu Jian tells | Red imprint

Burning a hundred years of memory with the sound, I am a revolutionary cultural relics telling people, host Lu Jian. The cultural relics I told are the most intact party registration form in the long prototype. This oil print, a pink registration form filled in, as a treasure of the townhouse, showing in the Shengli Memorial Hall of the Gansu Club, Ninghong Army. The registration form is carefully cut into two pillows, you may be curious about why? We have to come from the three major army of the Red Army. In 1936, nearly 70,000 Red Army will cross the tricks, conquer the snow mountains, through the grass, and break the layers, and finally came to Huining County. His Ning Su has known "Qi Qin Key", it is the military and transportation hub of the military and transportation hubs, and the road to red second, four aspects. In the early morning of October 2, 1936, the Fifteen Legion, the Fifteen Legion, an independent detachment, and opened the Jining City, opened the Junning General Association of the Red Army.

Xu Xiyuan Marshal I wrote: "Three Aspect of the Junning Conference, the victory ended the long protracted, unveiled a new page in the history of the Chinese revolution.

"After two years of hard work, on October 10, 1936, the Red Army soldiers were gathered in Huan Ning. Many people had already seen the original appearance, only the red pentago star on the octagon hat clearly visible. Applause, laughter, Cheers, like the spring thunder, have returned in people’s ear.

Li Junfeng, the Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial, introduced that the commander of Zhu Mission also told the people, such as the revolutionary victory, you can eat full. On that day, I will have a busy scene in Ningcheng, and the Soviet government organizes people to do various supply work. He Ningjia’s household has lived in the Red Army.

The Red Fourth Army will be located in the Zhoujiayuan in the county.

A young Red Army warrior named Li Dao lived in Zhoujiadea. On the way, the bullets and winds were treated, he had not slept for a long time, and the pocket did not have time to stop. A party member registration form that followed him through the grass, and the people who had a thousand difficulties have fallen into Zhou Ma’s home.

Zhou Da Niang did not know, she just felt that the Red Army stayed very precious. Risk of life, Zhou Da Niang sewed the party members to the sewing of the embroidered pillow as a plug, hooked down. Like the party membership registration form filled in Li Dao, you clearly record his personal information.

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